Naturally, some will be spending money but some will be playing for free. Mace Windu: Let me be clear, Mace Windu does not belong in a typical Squad Arena team. While it will not be fully comprehensive, it should be enough to get you on the right path. Lando’s speed boost for the team and constant AoE come in handy, Chewbacca has a decent taunt and is practically invulnerable, Greedo does MASSIVE damage on crits, Luminara heals, and Yoda is my best other attacker that I’m using as a filler until I upgrade Geonosian soldier. Rank 1 Leaders 3.2) use Nego as your new TW / GAC defense fleet and use your last fleet arena battle with Nego to set it on defense 4) go for the 7 star promotion on either Nego or Male (debatable which one to go first) With crystals still being one of the most valuable pieces of currency in SWGoH, having a strong daily Squad Arena rank is of… Check out all the best, top Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Squads on SWGOH.GG! The intent of this guide is to help Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players improve their Squad Arena gameplay to achieve better results. Just unlocked Rey last night and I am wondering what some of the best teams to pair her with for arena? This team is best against Light Side, Jedi, and Old Republic teams, with Bastila having bonus buffs if Jedi Knight Revan is on the enemy squad. More Tools > Squad Recommendations > Tank Takedown (HAAT) There's a new improved version of this page here . With the popularity of both the Star Wars universe and mobile games, SWGOH has seen an influx of new players. Toggle navigation. Check out all the best, top Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Squads on SWGOH.GG! 2) use it as your temporary arena fleet for climbing 3) 5 star Negotiator unlock 3.1) farm and gear up Ani, Ahsoka, etc. Last updated: Rank 1 Rank 1-10 Rank 1-100. Check out all the best, top Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Squads on SWGOH.GG! Units. But in learning how they work with other toons will put you on the path towards building a team which syncs well together. Power: 65,365 | Avg Speed: | Avg Health: 501st by Thegenius Arena. This guide will be a good starting point for those who are following the F2P model. Characters; ... Top Squad by Vik4000 Arena. Under General Kenobi, their combination of HP and debuff cleansing make them a scary Squad Arena time because they don't die easily. Thjs scoundrel based team completely destroys the arena. For new SWGoH players, the leadership ability can be confusing. Squad Arena has the potential to reward you with more crystals, but will most likely be very hard for you to achieve highly in if you haven’t farmed the … Here are some examples of squads that you can build for various parts of the HAAT raid. Welcome to the Squad Arena Guide here at Barriss is so renowned for her healing abilities that she practically has her own Star Wars novel. Top Players Top Characters Meta Report Meta History Fleet Meta Report Mod Meta Report Zeta / Omega Report Stats Navigation SWGOH Rank 1 Fleet Meta Report Based on 18875 Fleet Arena Teams. The most competitive squad is Rey-JKR-GAS-GK and then either Wat or HYoda. I have seen people use her with JKR, hero bro’s, wat, holdo, and others, but what is the best team to take on a buffed SLKR or a mirror match. Squad Arena is usually highly competitive, and depending on the meta, can be much harder to get into.
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