Use it to compare your profile … Our students not only benefit from our small class size but also from one of the lowest student to faculty ratios in legal education. Cornell Law School has two enrollment deposits, April 15 and May 15. Typically ten percent of the entering class has majored in a "hard" science. any person...any study. If you are admitted, you may petition for advanced standing. Some atypical majors that we think provide particularly good training for law school are computer science, mathematics, classics, and physics. An entering class typically represents 40 or 45 different majors. Admissions and Financial Aid Office. Neither paying for one’s classes nor sitting out a semester is sufficient to reestablish financial aid eligibility for a student who has failed to meet SAP. These deferrals are only granted for compelling two-year commitments, such as: Please contact the admissions office by email to request a deferral. Cornell Law School Admissions 226 Myron Taylor Hall Ithaca, NY 14853-4901 (607) 255-5141 students each year to ensure that we maintain a close knit academic environment. J.S.D. Cornell University is a private research university that provides an exceptional education for undergraduates and graduate and professional students. By the end of that semester, the student must have successfully completed the required number of credit hours and attained the overall required grade point average. It is always best to answer questions concerning your disciplinary record fully and openly, and to provide a detailed explanation. 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Note: In some states you must register with the Board of Bar Examiners before beginning the study of law. Deferrals are granted on a case-by-case basis. This regulation applies to each financial aid applicant, whether a previous recipient or not. Our Financial Aid Office normally does not award institutional scholarship assistance to transfer students. Admissions Policy. Cornell Law School Admissions The official Instagram page of Cornell Law School J.D. The Admissions Committee will review your entire application, but will also focus on any significant changes since your prior application. Federal regulations (General Provision CRF 668.1) require that Cornell University review the academic progress of students who apply for and/or receive financial assistance. Admissions (607) 255-5141 We review applications to assess candidates' potential for academic success as well as to become a member of the legal community. Learn more about us, and please help support our work. Alumni Relations (607) 255-5251 Due to the timing of the summer writing competition, transfer students are not able to be a member of a journal. Annual financial aid SAP evaluations will be completed by the Law School’s Financial Aid Office at the end of each academic year and cannot take place until final grades have been posted. The school has a rather small population of just under 600 students. There is no particular major or curriculum that is required for admission to law school. Cornell University has an enduring commitment to support equality of education and employment opportunity by affirming the value of diversity and by promoting an environment free from discrimination. will be credited toward tuition upon enrollment, LL.M and J.S.D. Earned letter grades of A,B,C,D, and F (including repeated courses) are counted toward GPA. Attempted credits include: Earned credits – Passed (A through D-), Satisfactory (S). All applicants are advised that there are character, fitness, and other qualifications for admission to the bar. We are looking for the quality of your extracurricular activity, not the sheer quantity of your memberships in clubs or groups. COVID-19 Resources. General LLM & JSD Graduate Legal Studies L46 Myron Hughes Hall Cornell University Law School Ithaca NY 14853-4901 USA Phone: +1.607.255.5185 Email: LLM Tech Admissions Cornell Tech 2 W. Loop Road New York NY 10044 USA Email: Cornell University admissions decisions for international applicants are need-aware. Of course, if you have your sights set on law school, attending Cornell as an undergraduate is a great way to get there. Our application will be available mid-March and our application deadline is August 1. program requires 84 credit hours to graduate, the maximum time frame for degree completion is 126 attempted credits (150% of 84 credit hours). Admission by a party-opponent: an out-of-court statement by a party that is against the party's interest and that is admissible against the party, because admissions by party-opponents are not considered hearsay. Cornell Law School, located in Ithaca, New York, is a graduate school of Cornell University. Search. Student at Cornell Law Cornell Tech LL.M. No, visiting students may not apply to transfer. P: (607) 255-5141 In addition, you are required to update us about any changes that take place after submission of the application. ALERT COVID-19 UPDATES: University and Law School information and resources. Yes, but your file needs to be complete with test scores by November 1 for Round I, and January 8 for Round II. The majority of our transfer applicants do not receive final grades until after our journal competition has concluded. Early transfer acceptance affords transfer students an opportunity to receive career counseling by our Career Service professionals prior to the deadline for either AJF or OCI submission and in time to participate in our Journal Write-On competition. You are here. Complete accuracy is required in all statements made on any portion of the application. We are a community of legal scholars, practitioners, dedicated staff and students whose highest priority is to create an intellectually stimulating environment where learning and respectful engagement is valued above all else. Admissions Policy Cornell Law School is committed to combining inspiring theoretical, doctrinal and experiential teaching with cutting-edge scholarship in a supportive, intellectually rich community, thereby enabling our graduates to achieve excellence in all aspects of the legal profession. For example, the J.D. We evaluate candidates holistically and do not disqualify candidates solely on the basis of their standardized test scores or grades. Cornell Law School Search Cornell. Pursuing a particular major simply because you think it will give you an advantage in the law school admissions process is an exercise in futility. Earned credit hours include: Federal regulations require the student meet a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA). Federal regulations (General Provision CRF 668.1) require that Cornell University review the academic progress of students who apply for and/or receive financial assistance. Cornell Law School is committed to Cornell University's policy affirming equality of opportunity: No person shall be denied admission to any educational program or activity or be denied employment on the basis of any legally prohibited discrimination involving, but not limited to, such factors as race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, marital status, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, or protected veteran status. Accepted transfer students are almost always in the top 10 to 20% of their first-year class. No, the binding process requires that you pay the deposit and commit to Cornell regardless of financial aid notification. 7Sage does not make any warranty of any kind (expressed or implied) as to the results that may be obtained from use of its Materials. Admitted Students Contact Graduate Legal Studies Admissions We apply the same admission standards during our early decision and regular decision processes. Students failing to meet SAP standards will lose their financial aid eligibility. About Cornell Law; Admissions; Financial Aid; Score Card; Contact; About Cornell Law . An email indicating what you have been doing for the period of your deferment and stating. CRS fee waivers are processed soon after each LSAT exam (the absence of a GPA on record with LSAC will not preclude you from consideration). At that time, admission did not require even a high school diploma. Founded in 1887, the school has become known as one of the nation’s top law schools. Cornell Law School Admissions. In preparing your application, keep in mind that it is helpful if you give us some sense of the nature and extent of your involvement; if the name of a group or organization is a little mysterious to the uninitiated, it might be helpful to describe briefly the mission or purpose.
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