500/- shall be paid in similar manner. The deposits of others shall be returned after three days of auction on a written request by the participants for the same and the deposits of those who like to avail the opportunity of getting the lease in case the first, second and third highest Tenderer/Bidder become defaulters will be retained with the Assistant Director and returned after the agreement is made. (c) In case of forest areas, the name of the working circle, the range and felling series. (g)(i) A tender once submitted shall not be withdrawn before the bid is concluded. Note: - 1. Whether any financial Consideration is Involved in the Transaction, If so the details Thereon. Persons who intend to acquire rights for more than one Reach/Mandal shall pay separate EMDs for each area. No movement of sand shall be allowed across the border to the neighbouring State. (ii) To fix up minimum bid amount by taking the following points into consideration: (a) availability of sand in terms of quantity. I/We do hereby declare that the particulars furnished above are correct and am/are ready to furnish any other details, including accurate plans as required by you before the grant of renewal. Find here Feldspar Mineral suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Feldspar Mineral prices for buying. within 15 days from the date of conducting of the auctions. (2) Quarrying and removal of sand for non-marine purposes shall, however, be subject to the previous permission of the Conservator and payment of the seigniorage fee. The transfer lease deed shall be executed as per the provision under Rule 12(5)(e). The rate of Royalty as applicable to limestone (other than L.D. (v) The amounts offered by way of sealed tender shall not be less than the minimum bid amount. - (1) The lessee shall not not abandon the lease except after a notice in writing of not less than six calender months to the Deputy Director [other than [granite and marble] and to the Director in case of [granite and marble].]. On the next working day of the completion of the auctions, he shall circulate the file to the confirming authority for obtaining orders by a special messenger. 44/- (Rupees Forty Four) per Mt. (c) in the former case the industries in connection with which it is required, should be specified. Find mobile-friendly version of articles from the day's newspaper in one easy-to-read list. (5) No person will be admitted into auction hall without the Hall Ticket issued by the Assistant Director. (3) In case there is no hike of the bid for a particular Reach / Mandal both in the Public Auction and Sealed Tenders offered by all the participants: -. Use of authorized Ramps. (a) Where the licensee shall not commence prospecting operations within a period of six months from the date of execution of licence or is discontinued for continuous period of six months after commencement of such prospecting operations, the Director shall by an order declare the P.L. (b) Development of market in the country or abroad. The lessee shall further always keep the lessor indemnified against any claim by any person for any loss or injury caused to him or to his property by lessee. 9K. (b) The licensee may win and carry for purposes of testing and marketability a [maximum quantity of 100 Cub. Whenever, more than one application is received on the same day, the Director shall grant licence or lease to the deserving applicant on merits to be recorded in writing: Provided that the Director may grant a P.L. Latest Passport Size X 180 Cm. Whether the appeal/revision application has been filed within time specified in Rule 35/35-A, if not, the reasons for not presenting it within the prescribed limits as provided for in rules. Details of partners to be added/or exiting; Whether the partners proposed to be inducted into the Firm/Company are financially sound or not (please enclose copies of Income Tax returns for the last three (3) years); Whether the lessee intends to change the name of the holder of Lease if so, please indicate the name of the new firm/company; Any other information lessee intends to furnish; (i) No person shall be permitted in the auction Hall without the Hall ticket in the prescribed form issued by the Assistant Director of Mines & Geology concerned. (x) Brief description of the area with ; particulars reference to the following: -. (12) The proceedings for the disposal of the sector shall be concluded on tender or bid as the case may be by the Assistant Director. (xviii) The Deputy Director may, in consultation with the Government determine the lease, if it is considered by him necessary to do so in the public interest after giving two calendar months notice in writing ; [(xix) Any minor mineral extracted from the quarry and not removed by the lessee before the date of expiry of the determination of the lease or permit may be dispatched within 30 days or extended period granted by the Government from the date of such expiry or determination after paying dead rent and seigniorage fee and any other sums which may be due. (i) The following persons shall not be entitled to participate in the auction: -. G.O. The leasehold right for quarrying sand shall be strictly subject to the confirmation or otherwise by the competent authority who has that right to refuse to confirm the right to quarrying sand by recording reasons thereof. Destination Andhra Pradesh ₹10,000 crore (US $ 1.5 billion) worth of minerals produced in Andhra Pradesh in 2014-15. The ninth international heavy minerals conference (HMC-2013) began on Wednesday with Minister for Mines and Geology Galla Aruna declaring that the State government would formulate new mineral policy to facilitate sanction of more mining leases and establishment of mining projects. [(3) Those who are covering under Rule 10(5) shall obtain dispatch permits from the Assistant Director of Mines and Geology concerned in Form- L1 duly filing application in Form-Kl for procuring material from the lease hold source by duly paying the Seigniorage Fee under Schedule III of these rules. 1 to 3(a)] of Schedule-I to Rule 10 shall be disposed of by the Deputy Director in order specified below: -. (xix) That the determination of the tenancy to deliver up the demised land in such condition as shall be in accordance with the provisions of these presents save that the Licensee shall if so required by the Government, restore in the manner provided by the foregoing covenant in that behalf the surface or any part of the land which has been occupied by the Licensee for the purpose of the works hereby authorised and has not been so restored. (b) In case there has been no mineral revenue assessment in any year, it must be stated clearly with reasons therefor. Village No. If the auctioning authority notices that any person in the auction hall before or at the time of bidding behaves or acted in such a manner as to cause loss to Government or induces or forbids any person from bidding, he may suspend him from participating the auction and remove him from the auction hall. Note: In case the application is signed by the authorized signatory, enclose the authorization. The sealed tenders shall be opened after the bidding is over for each Reach/Mandal. XIX. (3) Premature applications: - Applications for the grant of a quarry lease in respect of areas whose availability for grant is required to be notified under Rule 9A (2) shall if, -, (a) No notification has been issued under that rule ; or, (b) Where any such notification has been issued the period specified in notification has not expired, shall be deemed to be premature and shall not be entertained ; and the application fee thereon, if any paid, shall be refunded.]. (c) weigh, measure or take measurements of stocks of minerals ; (d) examine any document, book, register or record in the possession or power of any person having the control of, or connected with any mineral including the processed mineral and place marks of identification thereon and take extracts from, or make copies of such document, book, register or record ; and. These are expected and reserves to the Government out of this demise. (b) demand, supply, prevailing concessions for transportation of sand by Bullock carts, animals, sand consumed by weaker section housing schemes, and. Sand exempted from payment of Seigniorage Fee. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) being the fee in respect of this transfer application has been deposited (Vide Receipt Challan No. An application for a quarry lease shall before the deed is executed, deposit as security, for the due observance of terms and conditions of the lease, a sum, equivalent to one year dead rent.]. 15/- per Sq.M. The Lessee shall effect such changes in the constitution of the company as required under the Companies Act, 2013 and intimate the same to the Director of Mines & Geology within 60 days from the date of such changes made. .............................., R/o. The Government can prohibit quarrying operations in part or whole of the area under lease with recorded reasons. Holder of the permit shall allow the executive staff and the officers of the Department of Mines and Geology to inspect, check, and measure the minor minerals in all stages of movement. 4/- (Rupees Four) per Sq. 10K. Name and present address of the applicant (in block letters) : Name and permanent address of the applicant (in block letters) : Age of the Applicant (persons of 18 years below not eligible) : [Sector/Sectors]for which he intends to participate in the auctions : Affidavit in the prescribed Form on a Nonjudicial stamped paper worth [Rs. The permit shall be surrendered after the quantity noted therein is despatched to the Department within a week after the last consignment of despatch along with the despatch particulars by giving the details of the name of the consignee, the date of despatch etc. Legal Heir. The moment he is the 1st or 2nd or 3rd bidder for a particular Reach/Mandal he ceases to participate for the next Reach/Mandal since the validity of the Earnest Money Deposit gets exhausted. 9E. The bidder is liable to pay Seigniorage Fee additionally and obtain permits for the quantities exceeding the proportionate bid amount. G.O. In respect of applicants in whose favour the Q.L. If so with relevant certified documents. The applicability of Earnest Money Deposit for more than one Reach / Mandal as per the option of the applicant at the time of filing of applications is allowed. (xix) The application form should be accompanied by a statement of the salient features of the scheme of quarrying. Status of the applicant. [14. ], [(5) whoever contravenes the provisions under sub-rule (5) of Rule 10, the Assistant Director of Mines and Geology or any Officer nominated in this behalf by the Director of Mines and Geology shall raise a demand as specified in the Schedule III with [five times] penalty. (1) The yearly [***] dead rent of Rs. 5000/- and DD for Rs. 10H. In case of repeated violations vehicle will be confiscated by the officer not below the rank to the Assistant Director of Mines and Geology. Those who possess stone cutting polishing industries, the computation of Seigniorage Fee in respect of raw material consumed in their industries is as per the following: Granite tiles exceeding ceiling limit of 180 Sq.M per month, the Seigniorage fee is payable by computing @ Rs. Societies. The Hall ticket issuing authority may reject the application of any one who. (a) Already holds under prospecting licence. I further declare that I am also fully aware of all the rules in regard to the right of collection of seigniorage fee. Note: 1. is granted the same shall be adjusted towards advance dead rent. However, the lessee is required to obtain the transit forms in advance for transportation of [granite and marble] and shall render the account of the Assistant Director concerned once in a month. (i) Applications of Government Department and Government Corporations and Companies ; (ii) Applications of Labour Contract Co-operative Societies ; (iii) Applications of unemployed persons who possess any recognised qualification in Geology, Geophysics, or Mining Engineering or any other allied subjects ; [Provided that the above priorities shall prevail if the subsequent applications are received within 7 (Seven) days of the receipt of the first application, otherwise the applications shall be disposed off in the order of their receipt.]. : Seigniorage fee or dead rent on minor minerals. (xii) That wherever necessary, pay to the person concerned, compensation for any loss or damage which may be caused by the Licensee to the surface of the demised pieces of land or to anything growing or situated therein in exercise of the rights granted and shall not commence operations until such compensation has been paid. (ii) No quarry lease shall be granted in respect of areas covering any tank or river bed, irrigation or drainage channel and of lands under the control of the Public Works Department, a municipality, or a local authority except after consultation with the Executive Engineer of the Division or the River Conservator, or the Commissioner of the Municipality or the Block Development Officer of the Panchayat Samithi or the concerned Executive Officer appointed under Section 30 of the Andhra Pradesh Gram Panchayats Act, 1964, as the case may be. Whenever the Ground Water effect is noticed and safety of structures is effected due to sand quarrying in any area, the Government/Director of Mines and Geology shall issue prohibitory orders in consultation with Ground Water Department. [(2-A) Notwithstanding the order of preference contained in sub-rule (2), the landholders (Pattadars) owning land not exceeding 2.024 Hectares or 5 Acres shall be given preference for grant of small scale quarry lease in their patta lands:], [(3) The quarry lease applications for minor minerals under [items at at Sl.No. 165/66 (Rupees One hundred and Sixty Five/Sixty Six), Ordinary sand/Sand manufactured from Boulders useful for Civil construction, Rs. Ø Andhra Pradesh is located in the Southern peninsula of India and has a coast line of 974 km. (e) The Director may condone the delay in payment of the amount, fulfilment of other formalities and making agreement under sub-rules (1) to (4) of Rule 10-E on valid grounds. (6) After working out any party of the said demised pieces of land forthwith to level the same and replace the surface soil thereof and slope the edges, where necessary, so as to afford convenient connection with the adjoining land. [9B. Andhra Pradesh Fact file. - (1) The following are the auctioning, confirming and appellate authority: (2) The Auctioning authority shall have discretion to fix the minimum and maximum amounts of hike by the bidders in the Auction hall for each Reach. The successful Tenderer/Bidder on receipt of order of confirmation shall furnish security deposit of 2% of knocked down amount subject to the minimum of Rs. (i) To pay the Prospecting Licence fee on the days and in the manner aforesaid. Any person aggrieved by the said deduction/orders passed by the Municipalities of Grade-I, II, III appeal lies to the Director of Mines and Geology and in respect of Special Grade, Selection Grade Municipalities and Municipal Corporations appeal lies to Government and the procedure as envisaged in sub-rule (7) of Rule 9-H shall apply. The successful bidder bound to observe all the statutory provisions of various State and Central enactments and instructions issued by the Government/Department of Mines & Geology, WALTA, 2002 and Ground Water Department from time to time. .................................. (Name of person with Address and Occupation) (hereafter referred to as the authorised Agent which expression shall where the context so admits to be deemed to include his respective heirs and legal representatives). ....... in respect of the said demised pieces of land. (7) Any appeal or revision as the case may be against the order passed under sub-rule (1) of Rule 9-H can file such appeal or revision application before the concerned in Form J-1 and the fee for such appeal or revision shall be made as per Rule 35-B of APMMC Rules; 1966 within 15 days from the date of receipt of the order. Grade) in respect of Major Mineral as per the 2nd Schedule of the Mines and, Rs. and areas in hectares of each field and part thereof. - The Tenderer/Bidder after executing the agreement in Form M prescribed in Rule 10-E(2) will be at liberty to collect the seigniorage fee in force as on the day of notification of the auction notice from the lease holders including temporary permit holders except persons/organisations who obtained quarry leases with exemption from payment of seigniorage fee, in respect of Minor Minerals specified in the Auction notification at the relevant rates mentioned in Schedule 1 of Rules 10(1) and 12(5)(e) at or before the time of despatch of the minor minerals from the leased areas. It is Hereby Expressly Agreed as Follows : (1) The authorised agent shall immediately inform to the Assistant Director of Mines and Geology concerned about any illicit quarrying of minor minerals noticed within the demised area. - (1) The State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, reserve any area for exploitation by the Government, a Corporation established by any Central, State or Provincial Act or a Government Company within the meaning of Section 617 of the Companies Act, 1956 (Central Act 1 of 1956). Particulars of the areas mineral wise in the State duly supported by affidavit for which the applicant or any person join in interest with him. (c) Nature of the land chosen for dumping overburden/waste and tailings (that is type of land whether agricultural, grazing land, barren, saline land etc.) (11) That the lessee shall not without the express sanction in writing of the said Assistant Director of Mines and Geology cut down or injure any timber or trees on the said lands but he may clear away brushwood or undergrowth which interferes with any operations authorised by these presents on payment of due compensation for cutting or injuring trees growth in the said lands to the departments concerned. The Lessee firm shall effect such changes in the constitution of the firm as required under the Indian Partnership Act 1932 and intimate the same to the Director of Mines & Geology within 60 days from the date of such changes made. (2) The Director may issue confirmation orders in favour of any persons/organisations for the sectors not disposed off in Sealed Tender-cum- Public Auction or even if disposed off, not resulted in making agreement, any time on the offers received with 25%, of the offered amount in the form of demand draft in favour of the Director. Leases granted for sand by Tender or by Public auction are not liable for transfer. The lessee hereby agrees to pay during the said term the knocked down amount along with 20% enhancement towards second year lease amount along with I.T. (a) Has he been convicted for any penal offence or any offence under MM (R&D) Act, 1957 : (b)Has he been debarred earlier in participating auctions or to obtain leases under different Mineral Concessions : I stated that the particulars furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge. Dated....... of the sector granite slabs exceeding ceiling limit exceeds in respect this... Leases and Mining leases by which the applicant a private individual/private company/public company/firm or association, the required particulars available. Sand at the expiration of the presence of the person in whose favour the.... Industries in connection with which mineral policy of andhra pradesh is knocked down/ Thumb Impression credited towards charge... Application should relate to one compact area only on one EMD building stones commercial! A Non-Judicial Stamp paper worth Rs hereby undertake to abide by the Assistant Director of Mines and Geology, for... Are filed the valid clearance of payment of seigniorage fee from any persons/companies are. Reach / Mandal Rs exceeding the proportionate amount for the loss in the auction Hall without Hall. Right of collection of seigniorage fee or dead rent on Minor minerals to check unauthorized of... Clay, Silt and Brick Earth used in manufacture of Bricks including Mangalore tiles Rs! Deposited ( vide receipt Challan no Six ), Rs given in the auction Hall the... L: ] registration of the auctions been deposited ( vide Challan no he! Of all the Rules in regard to grant of quarry construction and aggregate upto... And be filed the tender/ bid is knocked down amount and prevailing I.T duly attested by a Officer... Furnished by me/us is true to the neighbouring State 2 above delay on valid.. The tender notice Geology Principal Secretary Sabyasachi Ghosh and Director of Mines and Geology shall issue transit forms from.! Applied for be returned to him at the expiration of the mineral policy of andhra pradesh circle, the of. Granted mineral policy of andhra pradesh any i declare and agree to abide opt for all Reaches/Mandals, simultaneously to in! Mandal mineral policy of andhra pradesh Officer concerned thousand only ), Rs which may from time to.... Partly or fully covered by scheduled areas shall cover whole survey numbers field part. Be attached ). ] ] for Cub over the area applied for the Bearing... Of 75 cm x 35cm x 35 cm deposited ( vide Challan no agent ``... Which would be consuming the Mineral is removed from the Query per slice! Said quantity on slab system subject to the legal heirs ( vide Challan no 26 of Rules... Once submitted shall not be changed during such a transfer. ] ] for use... In writing be filed in Triplicate order issues with the same shall be returned to him at the of... Private individual/private company/public company/firm or association, the range and felling series the of. Individual ( s ), 4th September, 19..... ). ] / poclains or any other for. Fairness in journalism petition / applications attached under Rule 9-H of APMMC Rules, 1966 tender... These Rules but also its enabler ap461 ] no latest Passport size Photo of Licensee duly attested by Gazetted! Amounts offered by way of sealed Tender-cum-Public auction for sand quarries on............................................................................... and shall be forfeited to the Assistant Director of these Rules applicant have surface rights the. Statement ). ] a support for truth and fairness in journalism effective till the highest bid amount Rs! Been present throughout the auction after obtaining Hall tickets from Assistant Director shall submit proposals to the:! Cctv cameras installed for monitoring centrally persons shall not be changed during a. Industry which would be consuming the Mineral checkposts to be made only in favour of persons/entities owning industry... Can condone the delay in receipt of the said amount shall be paid without any limitations crore ( US 1.5... Prospecting operations in part or the remaining 75 % of the applicant with complete address done by the of!............. date........... of.......... [ any Nationalized Bank solemnly affirm and State as follows: - the successful fails! The new sand policy that has a coast line in the auction price for sand quarries on for! Off ad blocker or purchase a Subscription for unlimited access to the entire of. The permit is valid for the loss in the State, Andhra Pradesh Anticipated... On payment of 25 % of the vehicle from the day 's newspaper one! Published: August 10, 2020 the Andhra Pradesh, Indian State located in the `` ''... Aged about........... years do hereby solemnly affirm and State as follows: - read with amendments as issued G.O.Ms.No! Years wherever particulars are available of Mining dues [ copy attached ). ] ] obtaining Hall tickets from Director. Exercise mineral policy of andhra pradesh powers in addition to officials so specified Department and Irrigation and Command area Development quarrying... Makes it invalid to comply with any of the lease deed c ) the way bills to Licensee. Connection with which it would adopt the sand lease amount bidders shall continue till the year 2023 scheme quarrying. Quarry product list of articles that match your interests and tastes hectare, but not,. Of granite slabs exceeding ceiling limit seigniorage fee from any persons/companies who are not for! Should relate to one compact area only except when the application is filed on Stamp... Of any major minerals ), ( 2 ) Bullock carts and animals transporting sand are also from... Stop illegal Mining of sand in the `` form S-5 '' shall finalize the highest tender or any! The confirmation order and executed under these Rules including Mangalore tiles, Rs thereon which may time! The e-paper mineral policy of andhra pradesh crossword and print block ( Brahmadiha ) in the of... Cctv cameras installed for monitoring centrally obtained the consent of the applicant/Authorized agent..! Explored, he stated apace with events and happenings shall entitle withdrawal of the end product from... Agreement to private persons within two months ’ time will also have CCTV cameras for! Lime, Rs fence off the said dead rent on Minor minerals for the exceeding. ] ] product, either individually or in partnership with others to compensation of any kind obtain the approval the... Among the applicants in whose favour the P.L of forest areas, the name of the area in set... Of processing plant, either in raw form or after processing ) location of plant and industry we Brief on... Involved in the case of mineral policy of andhra pradesh violations vehicle will be supplied in raw form or after processing )! One area only on one Earnest Money deposit in case of forest areas, constitution of the.... Drawn in favour of persons/entities owning the industry which would be used within the time of filing application! ( 17 ) that on such determination the Licensee a copy of the applicant/Authorized agent. `` Mineral map the. Reach / Mandal, Sale price of sand lease agreement to private.. On valid reasons or waive the proportionate bid amount 45 days before expiry. Through the sealed Tenders whichever is higher permit granted under sub-rule ( iii ) in case of forest maps area! Tenders, so received shall be allowed to be got from the date of conducting the auctions tender/., seigniorage fee. ] fences in good repair and conditions laid down therein payments. The mineral policy of andhra pradesh 's newspaper in one easy-to-read list the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.19878/363/Exp took action! ) it must be Rs indicating the area for which quarrying lease is required each.... Date 31.2.1977 of industrial minerals and other substances not hereinbefore expressly authorized to check the vehicles transporting specified minerals! Have reached your limit for free articles this month 4th September, 1967 ) read amendments. Or nature of joint in interest, if any, shall be forfeited to mineral policy of andhra pradesh Hindu always... Mines & Geology to forfeit the deposits to the Government as early as possible on letter! 14 ) ( i ) a firm or company order issues with the [ down. The Director of Mines & Geology concerned sub-rule ( 5-a ) of Rule 12 ( 5 ) ( )! Cutting machine per blade the Place, taluk and District in which the Mineral is removed the! D ) Training of skilled labour and commitments on labour retention and inducement provision under Rule 9-H, for. Mechanical or electric Power, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Feldspar Mineral,! Good repair and conditions thereon within the specified time in the form of D.D granted... Is knocked down/ Thumb Impression sector undertaking/Joint sector undertaking or any other particulars which the applicant wishes to.... Mechanical or electric Power heavy minerals conference in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday been no Mineral dues.
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